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  About Us
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  Is Genetic Counselling Right for Me?
  What Happens After a Referral?
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  Healthy Eating for Life!
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  Eating Out
  Eating Out
  Food Security
  Northern Food Connections
  Food Security
  Food Security Programs
  Food Action Network
  Emergency Food Access
  What can I do to help?
  Special Dietary Allowance
  Food Security Resources
  Cooking with the Good Food Box
  Feeding Baby
  Feeding Kids
  Food Safety
  Thunder Bay Food Charter
  Healthy Eating For Seniors
  Healthy Eating for Seniors
  Special Dietary Concerns for Seniors
  Cooking for Your Family
  Eat Like a Champion
  Healthy Recipes for Life
  Nutrition Month
  Physical Activity
  Get Active Your Way, Every Day - For Life!
  Active Kids
  Active Kids Reap the Benefits
  Children's Charter 2006
  Getting Kids Active for Life
  It's Really Cool to Walk to School
  Active Adults
  Active Adults
  Flexibility and Strength
  Active Transportation
  Imagine a More Walkable Thunder Bay!
  Cycling in Thunder Bay
  2014 Municipal Candidates Talk the Walk
  Next Steps: A Walkability Event
  Thunder Bay's Walkability Committee
  Walking Works!
  Blast Through the Barrier
  Blast Through the Barriers to an Active Lifestyle
  Healthy Body Image
  Be Your Own Beautiful!
  The Dressing Room Project
  Healthy Weight
  Healthy Weight
  New Year's Resolution
  Stop Being a Yo-yo - An Evening with Dr. Sharma
  Healthy Happy Kids
  Healthy, Happy Kids
  The Advertising of Food & Beverages to Kids
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  E-Bulletin Archive
  Healthy, Happy Kids Checklist
  Thunder Bay District Healthy Communities
  Thunder Bay District Healthy Communities
  Building Healthy Communities
  2012 Review of City of Thunder Bay Official Plan
  Safety, Drugs & Alcohol
  Factsheets, Forms, Manual & Publication
  What does healthy living mean to you?
  Healthy Babies & Families
  Healthy Babies & Families
  Breastfeeding ~ Best Choice for Mom & Baby
  Breastfeeding Matters Newsletter
  Breastfeeding Supports And Resources
  Breastfeeding Resources
  Breastfeeding Friendly Places
  Alternatives to breast milk
  Breastfeeding Support Services in Thunder Bay & District
  Grandparents Role in Breastfeeding
  Breastfeeding Beyond 6 months
  The Baby-Friendly Initiative
  The Breastfeeding Challenge
  Thinking About Breastfeeding
  Test Your Knowledge
  Tips About What to Expect
  Thunder Bay Breastfeeding Coalition
  Community Events/Classes
  Babies' Day Out Program
  Community Events/Classes for Healthy Babies and Families
  Prenatal Class Schedule
  Prenatal Coalition Calendar of Events
  Dental Care for Children
  Oral Health
  About the Mouth and More
  Dental Care for Youth & Adults
  Dental Screening in Schools
  Preventing Dental Injuries
  Dental Care for Infants & Toddlers
  Managing Dental Pain or Trauma
  Tips for Good Oral Health
  Tooth Decay
  Water Fluoridation
  No Cost Dental Program
  Healthy Smiles Ontario Program
  Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) Program
  Preventive Services
  Fluoride Varnish Program
  No Cost Dental Programs
  Start Early - First Year, First Dental Check-Up
  Fair Start
  Fair Start Program
  Family Safety
  Family Safety
  Children's Environmental Health
  Children's Environmental Health
  Feeding Your Baby
  Feeding Your Baby
  Introducing cow's milk
  Introducing solid foods
  Sharing the control of feeding with your baby
  Does your baby need a vitamin & mineral supplement?
  Formula Feeding
  Healthy Babies Healthy Children
  Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program
  Information for Parents
  Information for Health Care Professionals and Service Providers
  Info For Parents
  Info For Teens
  Links for Parents
  Stay Positive
  Triple P Positive Parenting Program
  When the Chips Are Down
  Planning A Pregnancy
  What's Your Plan
  I Don't Want Children
  Not Now, But Someday
  Trying to Get Pregnant
  I Am Pregnant
  I Just Had a Baby
  Completed Our Family
  Planning A Pregnancy
  FOLIC ACID: What's Your Plan
  Ready For Another
  Alcohol and Pregnancy
  Dad's Only
  Dad's Only
  Dental Health during Pregnancy
  Folic Acid
  Folic Acid Facts
  Genetics Counseling
  Maternity Benefits, Pregnancy, Parental Leave
  Maternity , Parental and Sick Leave Benefits
  Post Partum Depression
  Postpartum Depression and Other Mood Disorders
  Pre Term Labour
  Pre Term Labour
  Prenatal Class Schedule
  Thunder Bay Prenatal Coalition
  Moms @ Play
  Moms at Play
  Thunder Bay Children's Charter
  Women Abuse Resource Directory
  Environmental Health
  Flood Information
  After a Flood - Cleaning Up
  Flood Information
  Food Safety
  Well Disinfection
  Environmental Health (Inspections)
  Animal Bites
  Air Quality
  Ammonia Gas Factsheet
  Indoor Air Quality
  Outdoor Air Quality
  Beauty and Body Art
  Beaches, Pools & Spas
  Beach Swimming Advisories
  Beach Testing
  Pool Safety
  Emergency Preparedness
  Are You Prepared For an Emergency?
  Food Safety & Courses
  Food Safety
  Special Events, Fairs and Festivals
  Food Safety Courses
  Food Safety Course Registration
  Food Safety Courses
  Food Safety Courses - Schedule & Fees
  Food at School
  Food Safety at Home
  Food Safety During an Emergency or Power Outage
  Hand Washing & Dish Washing Posters
  Home Catering and Farmers' Market
  Health Hazard Investigation
  Playgrounds Safety
  Septic & Land
  Classes of Sewage Systems
  Frequently Asked Questions
  Request For Sewage Application Form
  Septic and Land Development
  Sewage Treatment System "Do's and Don'ts"
  Tips for Septic Field Owners
  Drinking Water Safety
  Boil Water Advisory
  Dental Office
  Food Services
  Ice Makers
  Recreational Camps
  Washing Dishes
  What is a Boil Water Advisory
  Lead in Drinking Water and Other Sources
  Private Wells
  Affected by Flooding?
  Deciding on a Home Water Treatment Device
  Is Bottle water safer than tap water?
  Private Water Wells
  Well Water Testing
  What is the connection between septic system and water?
  School Water Systems
  Small Drinking Water Systems
  Transporting or Hauling Private Drinking Water
  Water Quality
  Well Water Safety
  Bugs & Other Pests
  Bed Bugs
  Bugs & Other Pests
  Pesticides and Our Health
  Camps in Unorganized Territory
  Safety, Drugs & Alcohol
  Safety, Drugs & Alcohol
  Be a Responsible Host
  Impaired Driving
  Let's Start a Conversation
  Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines
  Risks of Drinking Alcohol
  The Facts About Alcohol
  Marijuana & Other Drugs
  Date Rape Drugs
  Talking to Kids about Drugs
  Classroom Resources
  Infant and Child Safety
  Children's Safety Topics
  Home Safety Checklist
  Playground Safety
  Summer Sports
  Winter Sports
  Your Responsibility Code on the Slopes
  Seniors Safety
  Aging Successfully
  Active Living Helps Seniors Stay Independent
  Fall-proof Your Home
  Use Medications Wisely
  Medication Effects For The Older Driver
  Falls Risk Assessment
  Vehicle Safety
  Boat Safe, Boat Sober
  Car Seat Safety
  Cyclists & Motorists: SHARE THE ROAD
  Highway Safety
  How to BE SAFE & BE SEEN when walking, running, cycling
  Safe Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  SAVE Committee
  Snowmobile Safety
  Thunder Bay Drug Strategy
  Drug Awareness Committee of Thunder Bay
  "Last Words" Texting & Driving Campaign
  Prescription Drugs
  Women Abuse Resource Directory
  Youth Mental Health
  Youth Mental Health
  Infectious Diseases
  Outbreaks in Institutions (Hospitals & Long-Term Care)
  Invasive Group A Strep (iGAS)
  Infectious Disease Program
  Animal Bites and Rabies
  Animal Bites and Rabies
  Be Pet Aware
  Personal Service Setting
  Personal Service Settings (Salons, Tattoos and Piercings)
  Clean Hands
  Pandemic Plan
  2009 Thunder Bay & Area Pandemic Influenza Plan
  Pandemic Influenza
  Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus
  Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus
  Tuberculosis (TB)
  What is Tuberculosis (TB)?
  Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test
  Common Childhood Infections Guide
  Day Care Manual
  Ticks and Lyme Disease
  Hepatitis C
  Mandatory Blood Testing
  Mandatory Blood Testing and Designated Officer
  Designated Officer
  Childcare Settings
  Child Care Settings - Including Day Cares
  Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes
  Day Care Manual
  Health Care Professionals
  C. difficile (C. diff)
  Antibiotic Resistant Organisms (AROs)
  Salon Safety
  Questions to Ask Your Esthetician
  Tattoo and Piercing Safety
  Tattooing, Piercing and Body Mod Safety
  Immunization & Vaccines
  Immunization and Vaccine
  Immunization Clinic
  Daycare Immunization Requirements
  Daycare Immunization Requirements
  Flu Vaccine
  Community Flu Shot Clinics
  Info for Health Professionals
  Information for Health Care Providers
  Maintain the Cold Chain - Online Learning Module
  School Immunization
  School Immunization
  Vaccinations Before You Travel
  Travel Clinics
  TB Skin Testing
  Resources & Forms
  Immunization Booklet for Parents
  Immunization Links
  Your Immunization Record (Yellow Card)
  Diseases Prevented by Vaccines
  Maintain the Cold Chain - Online Learning Module
  Vaccine Schedule - when you should get each vaccine
  Sexual Health
  Clinic Hours and Services
  Sexuality and Aging
  Sexual Diversity
  Sexual and Gender Diversity
  Sexually Transmitted Infections
  Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infection
  Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis
  Crabs/Pubic Lice, Scabies, Trichomoniasis
  Easy as 1-2-Pee - Chlamydia Testing
  Hepatitis, HIV, Herpes, HPV/Genital Warts
  Informing Your Partners
  Safer Sex
  Sexually Transmitted Infections
  Testing and Treatment
  Pap Test used for Cervical Screening
  Pregnancy Testing & Options
  Birth Control
  Birth Control Methods
  Female Methods
  Birth Control Calendar
  Birth control Prescription
  Female Methods of Birth Control
  How to use a male condom
  Male Methods
  Male Methods of Birth Control
  Sexual Health Education and Counselling; Schools and Community Agencies
  Sexual Health Rights
  Needle Exchange
  Superior Points Harm Reduction Program
  Talking to your child about sexuality
  Talking to your child about sexuality
  Sexual Health Definitions
  Sexual Health Resources
  Communication Campaigns
  Anonymous HIV Testing Program
  Plan B (Emergency Contraceptive Pill or The Morning After Pill)
  Community LGBTQ Resources
  Community LGBTQ Resources
  Adult Counselling Services
  Children and Youth Services
  Education and Resources
  Faith Communities
  Health Care
  Legal Resources
  Support For Youth - Phone Lines
  Upcoming Events and Announcements
  Sexual Health Program
  HIV-AIDS Awareness
  Oral Birth Control Recalled by Health Canada – Alysena 28
  Oral Birth Control Recalled by Health Canada - Esme-28
  Oral Birth Control Recalled by Health Canada - Freya 28
  Women Abuse Resource Directory
  Preventing Cancer
  Breast Health
  Breast Cancer Awareness
  Pap Test
  Skin Cancer
  Skin Cancer Prevention
  Heat Safety
  Truth About Tanning
  Seven Steps to Health
  Career Opportunities
  External Postings
  Health Promotion Planner (Full Time Permanent) - Family & School Health
  Public Health Nurse (Full Time Permanent) - Healthy Living
  Public Health Nurse (Part-Time Permanent) - Geraldton Office
  Registered Practical Nurse (Full Time 6 Month Contract) - Vaccine Preventable Disease
  Internal Postings
  Public Health Nurse (Full Time Permanent) - Child Health
  Contact Us
  2014 Municipal Candidates Talk the Walk
  Healthy, Happy Kids (E-Bulletin)
  Our baby, Our future. Our choice to be alcohol-free.
  Safe Use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  The Thunder Bay Radon Project
  School and Workplace
  Teacher Resources
  Teacher Resources
  Olympic Play Days
  Health Topic Resource Lists
  Healthy Schools Team E-Bulletin