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Keep Kids Tobacco Free

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If you never start, you'll never have to quit.

Talk to your kids about tobacco use. Let them know that most people who smoke, including youth, wish that they could quit. Below is some valuable information about tobacco use and tips on talking to your kids.

Kids who use tobacco:

  • Cough and have asthma attacks more often.
  • Develop more frequent and serious breathing problems.
  • Have poorer athletic performances and endurance.
  • Are more likely to use alcohol and other drugs such as marijuana.
  • Can become addicted in as little as 3 cigarettes.


Take a stand at home - early and often

Parents are the greatest role models. Talk directly to kids about the risks of tobacco use. Talk about ways to 'say no' and the people they may know that use tobacco products.

If you use tobacco, you can still make a difference. Try not to smoke or chew around your kids and keep your tobacco products, lighters, and ashtrays out of sight and out of reach. Tell them about your struggles with tobacco use.  Best of all, make a quit attempt yourself.  Every effort you make teaches you a little more about your tobacco addiction and how you can quit it once and for all.  Try on your own, or reach out for advice through Smokers’ Helpline at Take Control program for free in-person tobacco cessation counselling.


Who's really behind the tobacco epidemic?

Your kids might be interested to know that tobacco use isn’t just a personal choice, or even just an addiction.  Conspiracy, multi-billion dollar corporations, targeting children and threatening whistle blowers… It may sound like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but it’s actually Big Tobacco, the massive industry that is the vector of disease behind the world-wide tobacco problem.



“Why is the tobacco industry like a mosquito? Because both are bloodsucking, disease-spreading parasites which cause epidemics.”

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director General, World Health Organization

Last Updated: 3/17/2015

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