2017 Highlights

Are You In?

Are You In? Encouraging Changes Toward Healthier Living

A new campaign tackles chronic disease through a holistic approach to healthier living. Simple messages encourage incremental changes and sustainable lifestyle choices! Read More

Get Real PhotoVoice

Tackling the Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

An exhibit of snapshots and personal reflections is making its way throughout the region, raising awareness about mental health while inspiring positive change towards healthy workspaces. Read More

Man Ice Fishing with sunglasses on

Promoting Sun Safety through a Northern Vibe

Despite our region’s short spring and summer seasons and our long, cold winters, people in Northwestern Ontario are regularly exposed to the sun. The multi-year No Tan is a Healthy Tan campaign wants to raise awareness of the importance of sun safety. Read More

Community Violence report

Examining Community Violence in Thunder Bay

Community violence is a public health concern. It not only affects the individuals and families who experience it directly but the whole of society. A survey on violence in Thunder Bay provides direction for policy and programming development.  Read More

Child holding parent hand

Supporting Parents

It’s been said that parenting is the hardest job in the world. Through mandated programming, the TBDHU provides resources and tools to help make this job just a little easier. Read More

Building blocks

Building Community Capacity for Public Health

Through a number of new initiatives, the TBDHU continued to provide training and education to service providers and community members to support ongoing wellness within our region. Read More

NWQuit.com interviewees


Promoting Smoke-Free Living through Powerful Testimonials

Stories have an impact on people. In fact, true stories have been proven to be effective in building empathy, compassion and understanding. That is why heart-felt testimonials of Northwestern Ontario residents were used in a 2017 campaign to encourage people to quit smoking. Read More

Mindful Expressions


Engaging Youth for Mental Health Insight

Capturing the experiences and needs of local youth is an important step toward understanding how to develop effective programming for youth mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Read More

Stuart Boland

Increasing Access to Life-Saving Naloxone

The impact of the opioid crisis in Ontario has been felt throughout many communities across the Thunder Bay District. Thankfully, naloxone is helping offset some of this impact. Read More

Opioid Taskforce


Responding to the Opioid Crisis

The rapid increase in opioid-related harms in North America has created a public health crisis in our communities. The Opioid Surveillance and Response Task Force was established as a response to this crisis. Read More

HIV Research

Preventing HIV in Thunder Bay

Recognizing the trend of an increase in HIV infections across the province, research was conducted to learn more about the local HIV risk and inform program planning to prevent an increase in new infections. Read More



Improving Food Safety with DineWise

A new program designed to improve compliance with food safety standards and reduce the risk of foodborne illness has shown remarkable success throughout the city's food establishments. Read More

Heather Cooke

Increasing Immunization Act Compliance

In order to increase compliance with the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA), staff in both the city and district have provided strategic approaches to get more students immunized.  Read More

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Last Updated: 18/12/2018