2016 Highlights

Breastfeeding Workshop

Breastfeeding Workshop Delivery Expands Throughout District

The 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course is designed to equip community frontline workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide holistic, low-cost, in-house and interactive breastfeeding education to mothers and caregivers of infants and young children. Read More

Gleaning Program

Gleaning Program Evaluation Yields Many Benefits

The gleaning program has been implemented for several years, working to increase access to local farms offering fresh fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be composted. Read More

Representatives from VPD and Healthy Schools

Program Partnerships Provide Improved Client Delivery Services

When the TBDHU's healthy schools and immunization teams piloted an approach for working together more closely to deliver their program mandates, the results were better than expected.  Read More

Rural Best Start Hub

More Programming in Rural Communities

Effective collaboration and planning with community partners led to more TBDHU programming being held in rural communities.  Read More

Tanelle Rabachuk, Manager of Sexual Health

TBDHU Leads Local Grassroots Initiative

Supporting Women through Adversity in the North (SWAN) is one of those initiatives that has really made a difference in the lives of vulnerable women in our community.  Read More

Smoke-Free Awards Recipients

Smoke-Free Champions Recognized

People and organizations committed to smoke-free living were honoured during the 2016 Northwest Smoke-Free Champions Awards. Read More

Applying fluoride to teeth

Partnership with Schools Expands Fluoride Varnish Program

When the TBDHU partnered with 6 targeted elementary schools within the city of Thunder Bay to deliver its fluoride varnish program, there was an expectation among the Oral Health team that this could be a game changer. Read More

Alcohol Research

Research Leads to Expanded Community Approach to Reduce Alcohol Harms

A renewed focus on alcohol and health at the TBDHU has generated new research, increased TBDHU’s engagement with the community, and has laid the foundation for a community approach to reducing alcohol-related harms. Read More

Cooking With Kids Program

Classroom Cooking Builds Appetite for Learning

Cooking with Kids is one of TBDHU’s most-popular school initiatives. This hands-on program brings the “kitchen to the classroom” to provide grade 5 students with a unique learning experience. Read More

Pedestrian and Collision Analysis Project

Pedestrian and Collision Analysis Research Project

Walking is an easy way to fit activity into everyday life... yet many people in Thunder Bay just aren’t doing enough of it. The question is why? Read More

Healthy Kids Community Challenge Charter

Superior North Greenstone Healthy Kids Community Charter

The Superior North Greenstone Healthy Kids Community Charter was developed to provide communities within the Superior North Greenstone communities direction for developing programming, services, policies, programs and advocacy activities to improve the health for all children in the region. Read More

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Last Updated: 20/11/2017