Important information for high-risk close contacts of COVID-19


If any person in your household is considered a high-risk contact of someone who has COVID-19, any children in the household must NOT attend child care or school (including post-secondary), or extracurricular activities in-person during the risk period. Work with your child’s school to determine alternative learning options.

NOTE: this is NOT in the Ontario screening tool and must be considered separately. For details, see the February 21, 2021 COVID-19 Letter to Parents/Caregivers.

Parents/caregivers and other persons in the household of high-risk close contacts who do not have symptoms must be staying home except for essential reasons, for the duration of the contact's isolation period. Essential reasons could include going to work and going out for essential errands such as groceries, attending medical appointments or picking up prescriptions. 

Parents/caregivers do not need to self-isolate while waiting for a call from public health as long as the child identified as a high-risk close contact DOES NOT have any symptoms of COVID-19. They may leave the home for the essential reasons outlined above.

Last Updated: 25/02/2021