Essential Workplace COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-registration

TBDHU is collecting information from businesses and organizations whose staff are considered essential frontline workers who cannot work from home under Phase 2 of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccination plan. These essential frontline workers are one of the groups identified as a priority for vaccination in Phase 2. The list of essential sectors that this applies to is outlined below.

TBDHU will use the data collected in the pre-registration survey to inform vaccine planning and preparedness activities for Thunder Bay and District. 

The order and pace of advancing through these workers will depend on various factors, including the current and future policy direction from the province, the number of workers who qualify in each category, local epidemiology and vaccine supply. Projected timelines in Ontario’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan currently show essential worker immunization starting around mid-May and carrying through until the end of June. 


The pre-registration survey should be completed by ONE person on behalf of the whole workplace by May 7, 2021

It is not intended for individual employees or workers to complete. Individuals should contact their workplace if they have questions. 

The pre-registration survey collects: 

  • Name and contact information for an individual in the workplace who can work with TBDHU in ensuring workers have access to immunization when their time comes.
  • Number of eligible frontline workers who qualify under the Ministry of Health guidance.

Information is not being collected on individual workers who qualify. 


Before Completing the Survey

Please read the following criteria of what is considered an essential frontline worker to help you determine who qualifies for priority vaccination and who does not.

Eligible essential workers include: 

  • All frontline workers who cannot work from home in sectors that are integral to the ongoing functioning of the economy, including justice and social services, critical infrastructure, agri-food and essential goods production and the supply chain.
  • Frontline workers are those that hold public-facing roles or must work in person with other workers in their workplace in order to deliver essential goods or services and where protective measures such as maintaining a physical distance of 2 metres from others are not always possible, including:
    • frontline workers providing response to time-critical service disruptions and preventive maintenance. 
    • workers that may be working part-time or reduced hours.
    • workers that may be volunteers, learners, and third-party workers regularly working in the setting (e.g. agency workers, other third-party workers).
    • workers who are actively in their roles at the time of planned or anticipated vaccination. Workers that have been redeployed should be considered based on their place of work or role at the time of planned or anticipated vaccination. 

Not included are:

  • Any workers that are mostly working from home or virtually. 
  • Workers who are not public-facing and who can maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from others at all times.
  • Workers on leave or are not actively in their roles at the time of planned or anticipated vaccination

Source: Ministry of Health - Phase 2 Prioritization for COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance Document




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Last Updated: 30/04/2021