Flu Shots for Kids

Kids need the flu shot too!! Here are 5 reasons why:

  1.  The flu can make kids really sick with complications like bronchitis or pneumonia.
  2.  The flu shot gives developing immune systems a boost by teaching the body to fight the flu.
  3.  No missed work or school; sick kids have to stay home.
  4.  Protecting your child also protects others at higher risk, especially babies and grandparents.
  5.  The flu shot is closely monitored in Canada and has an excellent safety record.


For Further Information

For Flu information or questions call: (807) 625-5900 or Toll-free I-888-294-6630.

Learn more about the flu at the Ministry of Health's flu website.

Learn more about the flu in children on the Canadian Paediatric Society website.

Last Updated: 25/01/2019