Nyomie's Quit Smoking Story

NyomieOn December 2, 2015 I quit smoking cold turkey.

I had smoked since my last year of high school and am now approaching my 35th birthday. I tried to quit a few times before...or at least I thought I tried.

On December 2 I didn't phrase or label what I did as "quit," but more so "choosing not to smoke for a while." That night I came home after work and headed straight to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. If you are a woman you know how many pregnancy tests you have taken in your life and more often than not they are negative. This test was not negative.

After letting my husband know our good news, which was not entirely planned, per say, but was very very welcomed, I was faced with a choice. If you are a smoker you know that whether you have just been told good news or bad news it's only natural to head outside for a smoke to further discuss the news.

"I guess I shouldn't really smoke then, right?" I said to my husband. His reply was "No, I guess not, but it’s your choice."  He was right. It was a choice. I chose not to smoke during pregnancy. I didn't say "quit" at that point. That sounded too permanent. I also never did get the chance to have that last smoke with coffee or wine which was part of my regular trying to quit routine.

Now baby Austin is almost 3 weeks old. I still have not had a cigarette since December 2 of last year! My skin looks better as my circulation has improved. I don't think about when my next smoke will be. I don't have to worry about covering up the smell of smoke. The yellowish tinge on my fingers is gone.

I'm thinking that I can replace "choosing not to smoke" with "I quit smoking."

Those times before I said I tried to quit...I can say I didn't give it my all. Thanks to baby Austin for showing me that my will power was stronger than I thought!

Last Updated: 09/12/2016