Child with Symptoms & When to Return to Child Care or School

This information was last updated September 23, 2021. Information can change as further evidence or guidance becomes available and/or community status changes. 
If your child has been identified as a high-risk contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, please refer to Important information for high-risk contacts of COVID-19. A public health professional will be calling as soon as possible to provide instructions, answer questions and gather information. 

What to do if your child has symptoms.

If your child is staying home or has been sent home from child care or school because of symptoms or illness, keep them home. Limit contact with others, seek medical advice as necessary, and follow the instructions below regarding testing and when they can return to child care or school and other activities.


When your child can return to child care or school.

There are several situations that will determine when a child can return to child care or school after being home ill or with symptoms. Follow the directions in Ontario's COVID-19 School and Child Care Screening Tool and in the tabs below if they were tested for COVID-19 or not.

Parents/caregivers should also follow school or child care centre policies, such as those related to travel.


Other Important Information


Last Updated: 01/10/2021