Inspection Blitz of Local Businesses Offering Beauty & Body Art Services

March 4, 2014 - During the month of March, public health inspectors (PHIs) will be conducting an inspection blitz of local personal service settings to highlight the importance of infection prevention and control practices. Personal service settings include beauty and body art businesses that offer hair styling, barbering, manicures, pedicures, waxing, electrolysis, tattooing and piercing. The goal of the blitz is to protect the public from the risk of accidental infections while receiving these personal services.

The Health Unit is mandated to inspect these businesses once a year to ensure they comply with infection prevention control guidelines set out by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2009.

During the blitz, PHIs will focus on preventing the spread of infections by educating and supporting operators to comply with the guidelines. As part of their inspection, PHIs from the Infectious Disease program will check to make sure:

  • Proper instrument cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and storage practices are in place.
  • Single-use instruments are used on one client and then thrown away (e.g. nail files, buffers).
  • Proper hand washing facilities and procedures are in place.
  • A “no double-dipping” policy is in place for waxing. Double-dipping occurs when an applicator is dipped back into the wax after it has come in contact with the skin. Each dip into the wax pot requires the service provider to use a new applicator.
  • Bio-hazardous sharps containers are on-site and used to get rid of all needles and blades after they are used.
  • Accurate client records for skin-invasive procedures (e.g. tattooing or piercing) or accidental exposures (e.g. client or operator is cut and bleeds) are kept and maintained.

To help operators prepare for their inspection, a copy of the Guidelines are available at (click on “Infectious Diseases” and then “Personal Service Setting”).

By visiting the Health Unit’s “Salon Safety” webpage at, the public can learn more about what they should expect when they visit a spa or salon to receive an enjoyable and safe treatment.


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