COVID-19: Self-Isolation

What is Self-Isolation?

Self-isolation means you must stay home and isolate away from others in the home as much as possible. Only leave if it’s a medical emergency or if permitted by TBDHU. You should not have visitors unless it’s essential (e.g. health care providers).


When to Self-Isolate

To determine whether you need to self-isolate and for how long, please visit the Ministry of Health's page:

Confirm if you need to Self-Isolate


How to Self-Isolate

For details on how to self-isolate, including what you can and cannot do, see the Ministry of Health's Stop the Spread page:

How to Self-Isolate


Be Prepared to Self-Isolate

For information on what items to have on hand, as well as plans to have in place should you and your household need to self-isolate, see the TBDHU's Emergency Preparedness page:

Be Prepared to Self-Isolate


Additional Resources

Last Updated: 12/01/2022