COVID-19: Self-Isolation

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit (TBDHU) has issued a Class Order under Section 22 of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act.


Effective March 2, 2021, the Order allows the TBDHU to enforce self-isolation requirements for certain individuals. For more information, visit the Section 22 Class Order - Self-Isolation page.


What is Self-Isolation?

Self-isolation is when you have been instructed to separate yourself from others, with the purpose of preventing the spread of the virus, including from those within your home.

What symptoms should I be worried about?

Symptoms of COVID-19 can be mild to severe and are similar to a cold or flu. A full list of symptoms can be found on the Screening & Symptoms page. Symptoms may take up to 10 days to appear after exposure to COVID-19.

What does self-isolation mean for me?

The self-isolation instructions vary for each person’s situation. Click on the title below that best describes your current situation. If your situation changes, follow the instructions for that new situation.



Be Prepared for Self-Isolation

Everyone should be prepared to immediately self-isolate for 14 days should they develop symptoms of COVID-19 or come into close contact with a positive case.  It is recommended that households plan ahead should any member of the household be required to self-isolate. For more details on what to do to be prepared, visit the Emergencies & Being Prepared page.


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Last Updated: 16/09/2021