COVID-19 Prevention at Work

All businesses and organizations are currently required to have a COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan in place. It should outline the specific controls that are (or will be) put into place to make the workplace safer for everyone. Visit COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan for information and a template.

Communicate clearly to employees that the following Infection Prevention and Control Measures (screening, hand washing, cough etiquette, environmental cleaning, and physical distancing) should be used together for optimal effectiveness in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 

More details on these general measures can be found on the Stop the Spread page.

Businesses are encouraged to check the signage at entrances often to make sure they are the most current version. Please replace anything old with the latest signage. View the most up-to-date signage on the Printable Signage and Tools page.


Helpful Links

Ontario Educational Resources

Infection Prevention and Control at Work: Basic Awareness Training

    Last Updated: 25/10/2021