Vaccine Information for Children and Youth

The topic of COVID-19 vaccines for children and youth may bring up a mixture of emotions from parents and caregivers. To some, it is a relief while others may feel afraid or anxious. We understand that these feelings come from a place of love and concern, and we want to help families make decisions they’re comfortable with. Parents always want what’s best for their child.

Please explore the content below to help find reliable information and resources to address any concerns you may have in order to guide you in making this important decision. Additional content will be added to this page as it is available.


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    Children 5-11


    Youth 12-17



    In Ontario, there is no stipulated age of consent for medical treatment, and the Health Care Consent Act presumes all people, including minors, are capable of making health treatment decisions unless proven otherwise.

    Ontario uses a capacity-based consent model. A person is capable of consenting to treatment if they can understand the information that is relevant to making the decision and are able to appreciate the consequences of the decision.

    Where a child is found by a health practitioner to be incapable of consenting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a proxy decision-maker, such as a parent or legal guardian, may consent on their behalf.

    The consent process for the 5-11 age cohort follows the same process used for the COVID-19 vaccination program to date. However, the 5-11 age cohort will not have the same capacity to consent for themselves as older cohorts and will require parental or proxy decision-maker consent before receiving the vaccine in most cases.

    Where a proxy decision-maker provides consent for the COVID-19 vaccine to be provided to an individual that decision-maker may also consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information related to the individual where the collection, use and disclosure is a necessary part of the treatment. 

    You or your child should receive information prior to vaccination that explains the benefits, risks, possible side effects, information on further doses, and other important information to ensure informed consent. 


      Talk to a Clinician

      Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines? This is understandable as there is a lot of information out there and it can be challenging to navigate it all. Thankfully, there are free services available that can provide one-on-one help.


        If you still have questions or concerns, please talk to your child's health care provider or use one of the free consultation services to speak to a clinician.

        Last Updated: 16/05/2022