Health Care Providers

In this section, health care providers can access important information about public health as it pertains to their profession. Please note: “health care provider” is a term used to describe a health care practitioner who is in contact with clients or groups of clients and bears responsibility for managing or informing them about some aspect of physical and/or mental health and wellness.

Mandatory Reporting




Vaccine Reporting for Health Care Providers


What Health Care Providers can do about Health Equity

Here is some information about screening, understanding, and evaluating your patient population. 

Here are some screening tools for use in primary care:


Health Topics

Alcohol & Other Drugs


Disease & Infections


Mental Health


Oral Health


Preconception to Early Years




Downloadable Resources

For downloadable resources, visit the Resources page and filter by audience "Health Care Providers":


Last Updated: 12/12/2016