Fluoride Varnish Program

Tooth decay (cavities) in baby (primary) teeth is the most common chronic disease affecting children in Canada. Healthy teeth and gums are important as a child grows to help them develop good speech, healthy eating habits, good social skills and to keep a place for adult teeth as they grow in.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s Fluoride Varnish Program can help reduce early childhood cavities. Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is painted onto the teeth. This coating makes teeth stronger to help prevent cavities from starting. The TBDHU provides this service free of charge to all preschool children under four years old.

Fluoride Varnish can be applied as soon as the first baby teeth appear. It is fast, easy and painless. On your child’s first visit, a registered dental hygienist will check your child’s teeth and gums. She will ask questions about you and your child’s habits, which will help us to assess your child’s risk for cavities.  She will provide guidance on such topics as cleaning teeth and gums, teething and feeding practices as well as answering any questions.

For best results, we recommend the varnish be applied every four months or at least two times per year.

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Last Updated: 23/11/2017