Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Our strategic plan will guide the organization over the 2017-2020 period to achieve positive outcomes for the population served. The plan focuses on four priority areas reflecting local public health needs. Meeting the objectives in each area will move the Health Unit towards its vision and mission.


Strategic Priority Areas


Serve the public health needs of the Thunder Bay District’s diverse communities and people.

  1. Program plans and activities are based on an assessment and understanding of “need”, one of the four principles of the OPHS, and consider the distribution of such need, and related health inequities, in the population.
  2. The organization and programs incorporate the “voice” of the clients, communities, populations (including target populations) in the planning and evaluation of programs.
  3. Individuals who access our services or who seek information through other means (ex. phone and website) are well served.
  4. Purposeful reporting and sharing of information to the public, partners and other key stakeholders is done to inform and foster action on public health issues.



Promote and support mental health and well-being in our community.

  1. The organization commits to promoting and protecting mental wellness within our workplace.
  2. In accordance with the modernized Ontario Public Health Standards, the role of public health with respect to mental health and wellness promotion is articulated and this role is incorporated throughout our programming.
  3. Measures are undertaken to improve or enhance connectivity and collaboration at a systems level.



Work with Indigenous people and organizations to improve health outcomes and reduce inequities.

  1. The organization will continue to build and enhance relationships with Indigenous people and organizations.
  2. There is a commitment to become a culturally safe organization.



Improve how we work and learn together.

  1. The organization provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for working and learning.
  2. The organization ensures effective and efficient procedures and processes.
  3. Develop mechanisms to foster collaboration and communication across the organization.
  4. Develop a systematic approach to program and service performance management with a focus on planning, measurement and accountability.


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