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Healthy Messages 2 Go PowerPoint

Healthy Messages 2 Go is a self-playing PowerPoint presentation with health promotion messages for parents and students.  This presentation can be played in your school foyer or at school events while parents are waiting. View the presentation or click below to download. (Note: Presentation Last Updated September 2016)


External Resources

Tools, Fact Sheets and Checklists

  • The Children Count Pilot Study Project (PDF) - Utilizing the school climate survey for coordinated health monitoring and planning for children and youth in Ontario.
  • Children Count Pilot Study Project: Healthy Living Module Toolkit (PDF) -  A toolkit to support school boards and public health units to collect child and youth health and well-being information (the Healthy Living Module) in a partnership model, for collaborative action
  • Rethinking Rewards - Rewards are commonly used to recognize students for classroom success. However, rewarding children with food, healthy or unhealthy, can lead to problems with children’s diets and health. You can help your students practice what they learn in the classroom about healthy eating and Canada’s Food Guide by ensuring that classroom rewards are healthy.
  • Tips for School Fundraising - Fundraising to support school activities is common and important. You can help your students practice what they learn in the classroom about healthy eating and Canada’s Food Guide by ensuring that your school fundraising activities are healthy.


  • Eat Well & Be Active Educational Toolkit (Health Canada) - The Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit is designed to help those who teach groups of children and adults about healthy eating and physical activity, and encourage individuals to take action to maintain and improve their health.
  • Bright Bites - This website offers healthy eating tips, tools and public health support to help Ontario schools create a healthy nutrition environment.


Personal Safety & Injury Prevention

  • Allergy Aware.ca - This website has been developed to assist school boards, principals, teachers, staff and others who play an important role in helping to create safer environments for pupils with life-threatening allergies.


Hand Hygiene

  • A humourous video of "Sneezing Olympics" that can be shown to your students:


Physical Activity


Mental Health


For Further Information

Call the Healthy Schools Program: (807) 625-5900

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