Procurement Policies

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. The TBDHU follows strict guidelines for procuring third-party goods and services to ensure an ethical, professional and accountable supply chain. We ask that you review the policy guidelines and terms outlined on this page before submitting a bid for any Current Bid Opportunities.

  • Bid documents are available on our Bids & Tenders Portal and may be accessed and downloaded at your convenience.
  • It is the sole responsibility of each potential bidder to check the Bids & Tenders Portal on a regular basis for amendments, addenda or questions/answers relating to specific requests.
  • Submissions to bid opportunities are to be received electronically as specified in the bid documents.
  • Bidders may not alter any portion of a downloaded document; to do so will render the bidder’s submission invalid.
  • Please note, the TBDHU will not accept responses via email or fax unless specified in the bid document.

For more information or clarification on open bids, please refer to the bid document for contact information.


Procurement Policy and Procedure

The TBDHU Board of Health developed and approved a set of policies and procedures to:

  • Ensure goods and services are secured in an efficient, ethical and cost-effective manner
  • Maximize transparency in the procurement process
  • Maintain integrity throughout the procurement process including controls necessary for a public institution

These policies are updated as required. The complete, current policy is available for download here: Corporate Policy and Procedure (PDF).


Standard Terms and Conditions for Tenders, Proposals, Contracts and Quotations

The TBDHU Board of Health developed and approved a set of Standard Terms and Conditions that forms part of each Tender, Proposal, Contract, Quotation (TPCQ). They apply in like force for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, and services. All bid documents called for by the TBDHU will bind bidders to the terms and conditions set forth. Any alleged oral agreement or arrangements made by a bidder or contractor with any TBDHU program, Board of Health member, or employee of the TBDHU will be disregarded.

The full Standard Terms and Conditions can be view here: Standard Terms and Conditions (PDF)


Policy on Bid Irregularities

The TBDHU Board of Health developed and approved a set of responses for irregularities that may present themselves during the bidding process. The full set of irregularities and corresponding responses can be viewed here: Policy on Bid Irregularities (PDF)

Last Updated: 29/04/2022