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COVID-19 VACCINES – For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the dedicated webpages.

Flu Vaccines - The TBDHU non-reusable flu vaccine return forms have been updated. Please select the form that is specific to your facility: Health Care Provider OR Pharmacy

Please direct any questions or concerns you have regarding the provincial influenza vaccine supply to


Prioritization for the 2021-2022 Influenza Season

Please see the Ministry of Health UIIP page for more information on Immunization of High-Risk Groups.

Providers should prioritize influenza vaccine administration as follows: 

  • Early October: Hospitalized individuals and hospital staff, long-term care home residents and staff. TBDHU will prioritize distribution to hospitals and long-term care homes in early October. 
  • October: Individuals at high-risk of complications or hospitalization due to influenza. Please see high risk groups eligible for influenza vaccine in October.
  • November and December: General population - more specific details on timing will be shared as the influenza season progresses. 

As TBDHU receives its influenza vaccine in increments, the initial influenza vaccine supply is prioritized for public hospitals and long-term care homes, including health care workers. Next priority for distribution is given to retirement homes and other congregate settings where there are other vulnerable groups.

As supply is replenished, vaccine distribution will continue more broadly to primary care providers. Health care providers can begin immunizing as soon as they receive supply, prioritizing high risk groups. Pharmacies will also receive supply in October to begin immunizing high risk groups.

Attach photos or scans of your temperature log book showing the temperatures since your last order OR the last two weeks if you have ordered recently. Orders cannot be processed without a copy of the temperature log book. Emails are preferred as they reduce the risk of misplaced orders and improve the readability of the order and temperature log book submission.

Vaccine Product Information

The Quick Reference - 2021-2022 UIIP Publicly Funded Vaccines (PDF) document will be available soon so please check back. This document provides an overview of the products available and can be printed for posting on a vaccine fridge. 

The product monographs are listed below for additional details:

Public Health Ontario (PHO) has also provided a factsheet for vaccine providers detailing the Influenza Vaccines for the 2021-2022 Influenza Season (PDF).


Thunder Bay Office - Ordering and Transporting Vaccines


District Offices - Ordering and Transporting Vaccines

District providers are encouraged to contact their District TBDHU office regarding flu orders.


Health Care Provider Q&A Documents – Ministry of Health


National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) Statements


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Last Updated: 25/05/2022