Ordering and Reporting Vaccines - Including AEFIs

Publicly funded vaccines are available from TBDHU at no cost to eligible health care providers, if the facility meets specific criteria to ensure safe handling and storage of vaccines.

These criteria can be reviewed with TBDHU staff by calling 807-625-5900 in Thunder Bay, your local branch office, or toll-free at 1-888-294-6630:

  • Have a fridge in place to store vaccines
  • Have this fridge inspected and certified by TBDHU
  • Meet with TBDHU staff to confirm the facility meets all requirements under the Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines

See the sections below for more information on:

  • Ordering  and picking up vaccines
  • Reporting administration of specific vaccines
  • Reporting adverse events following immunization (AEFI).

Before picking up any vaccine, please refer to the transportation, storage, and handling guidelines found on the Vaccine Storage and Handling page.

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