COVaxON is the electronic documentation system that must be used for documenting all COVID-19 vaccinations in Ontario. Users must be created and “onboarded” to the system. TBDHU is an authorizing organization or “AO” for creating new user accounts or reactivating previous accounts.

If you previously had an account created, and it has not been used in the last 30 days, it will need to be reactivated.  

Do you need an account created or an account reactivation/password reset? Please direct these questions to Alyssa Stilla, Senior Public Health Nurse at and Michelle Zappitelli at  

Please direct any Inventory and Metrics Forms inquiries to


Before Your Clinic - Checklist

After Your Clinic - Checklist

  • Complete the metrics form and submit it within 48 hours to
    • What is the importance of a metrics form? – To ensure all doses are accounted for in COVaxON. Doses allocated to your vaccination event should equal the number of doses administered and/or wasted on your metrics form. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit is responsible to report this information back to the Ministry of Health on your behalf.
  • All paper consents received from your clinic must be recorded in COVaxON within 48 hours following your clinic as per Ministry of Health guidelines. 
  • Once the thaw dates have been exceeded (10 weeks for Pfizer products & 30 days for Moderna products), please complete the wastage section on a metrics form, and return the product along with the metrics form.

Please see below for COVaxON relevant documents:

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