Beach Notifications

Beach Notifications

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit will notify the public of any issues concerning beaches tested by the Health Unit. 

Beach advisories will be issued in beaches outside of Thunder Bay (with the exception of private beaches and provincial parks) when recreational water contains high levels of E. coli. Beach advisories are not posted in the City of Thunder Bay as these beaches are permanently posted.

Please note that an advisory is a warning to swimmers but it is not a beach closure. Beach closures are rare. A beach closure is issued when a catastrophic event happens or an immediate risk to health is present. This could be a sewage spill, a toxic chemical release or any visual blue-green algae in the water.

See below for current Beach Advisories for beaches outside of Thunder Bay:

  • none at this time

This temporary advisory sign will be removed when the risk of elevated levels of E.coli is no longer valid. Swimming in water that contains higher levels of E. coli increases the risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections, or gastrointestinal illness.

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