Breastfeeding Clinics

Although babies are born with the reflexes and instinct to breastfeed, moms often have questions about learning to breastfeed or solving problems along the way.

Many mothers need help with breastfeeding. You can get help from your health care provider, breastfeeding support services like clinics and from peer support groups. 24 hour telephone breastfeeding support is available from Telehealth (1-866-797-0000 or TTY 1-866-797-0007). Keep looking for the support you need!

The TBDHU Breastfeeding Clinic can help. Public health nurses with specialized training offer pregnant and new mothers with babies of any age breastfeeding education and support.

Personal, one-on-one appointments with a public health nurse are available, as well as home visits. To find out when the next Breastfeeding Clinic is being held, please visit Classes, Clinics & Events and filter by Category "Breastfeeding."


For Further Information

Call the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program: (807) 625-5900

or toll-fee 1-888-294-6630

Last Updated: 18/01/2019