Serving Wild Game to the Public

Is Your Organization Interested in Serving Wild Game to the Public?

TBDHU has recently revamped its process for approving applications to serve wild game to the public.

You can apply to serve wild game on a one-time basis such as a fundraising event, or if you are a non-profit, you can apply to serve it on a routine basis.

In most cases, uninspected meat such as wild game can’t be served to the public. However, Ontario law allows organizations to serve wild game to the public for a charitable purpose under certain conditions:

  • The meat is harvested legally.
  • The meat is donated for use at the dinner.
  • All profits are donated to or used by the charity.
  • Receive approval from the TBDHU.


How to Apply

Step 1 – Call TBDHU at 625-5930 or toll-free at 1-888-294-6630 and ask to speak with a public health inspector (PHI).

Step 2 – Meet with your PHI and work together to create a plan for your kitchen that will meet the needs of your organization and will cover such topics as:

  • Receiving wild game
  • Tracking donors
  • Separating wild game from other food
  • Food Safety tips around storage, thawing, cooking and hot holding
  • Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen facilities

Step 3 – Receive your approval to serve wild game.

Step 4 – Contact your PHI if you want to make any changes to your food safety plan.

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