Harm Reduction Supply Order Form

This form is for organizations with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to order Harm Reduction Supplies from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

If your organization does not have a signed MOU and you are interested in ordering Harm Reduction Supplies from TBDHU, please contact Superior Points at (807) 621-7861.

If you need supplies for yourself, please call (807) 621-7861 for delivery or see the list of alternative Harm Reduction supply access points.

Orders are filled Monday to Friday and you will be notified when your order is ready for delivery. Please limit orders to once per week.

Note: Please reference Superior Points’ Harm Reduction Supply Order List  to see the products that TBDHU can offer.

Required fields are marked with asterisks (*). Please complete all required fields to place your order and remember to click “Submit Order”.

Injection Equipment
500 units per case
800 units per case
1000 units/case
100 units/box
1000 units/case
(500 units/box)
1000 units/box
Needle Tips
The Needle Tips listed above contain 100 units/box
Input the number of small containers
Input the number of medium containers
Input the number of containers
Inhalation Equipment
330 units/box
400 units/box
72 units/box
400 units/box
144 units/box
100 units/box
100 units/box
720 units/case
250 units/box
50 kits/box. Kits include crack pipes, mouth pieces, screens and sticks.
50 kits/box. Includes crystal meth pipe, mouth pieces and swabs.
20 kits/bag. Includes barrel 3mL syringes + 27 gauge .5" tips + water + ties + spoons + filters.
38 kits with 20 needles each per bag. Includes 1cc syringes, swabs, ties, water, filters and spoons.
50 kits/box. Includes straws, water and swabs.
Other Equipment
4000 units/case
200 units/box
100 units/bundle
100 units/bundle
100 units/bundle
Safer Sex Supplies
144 units/box
144 units/box
50 units/bag