Superior Points Harm Reduction Program

What We Do

Outreach, Needle Exchange and Related Services

The Superior Points Harm Reduction Program is involved in a variety of services including:

  • Offering needle/syringe exchange and other harm reduction services including providing condoms and sterile water
  • Offering FREE nasal spray naloxone kits and overdose awareness training. Visit our Preventing Opioid Overdose with Naloxone page to learn more.
  • Providing HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C prevention education to clients
  • Outreach and referral to other agencies
  • Providing presentations to community agencies and the general public

Outreach services are available Monday through Friday - 11am to 4pm and 5pm to 8pm


Needle Collection

How to Safely Get Rid of Found Needles

Follow these steps to safely get rid of found needles or any other used, sharp object:

  • Do not try to put the cap back on the needle.
  • Do not snap, break, or bend any part of the needle.
  • Pick the needle up carefully. Use tongs, needle-nosed pliers, or a gloved hand.
  • Put the needle in a hard PLASTIC container (empty peanut butter jar, pop or water bottle). Seal it tightly and label it “Needle”. Do not use a glass container as it could break.

Call Superior Points at 621-7861 or 621-7862 to pick up the needle(s). You can also drop off the container at any yellow needle collection box (locations listed below).

If you find a needle and do not wish to dispose of it yourself, you may also call Superior Points for pickup. Please give as many details as possible about the location of the needle and include a contact phone number so that we can follow up with you. Please note that needle pickup times vary depending on availability of staff. 

Please refer to this TBDHU brochure for information regarding safe needle disposal.


Locations of Outdoor Metal Needle Disposal Bins

  • Alley 100 block of Simpson St. off Miles St.
  • Alley 100 block of Bethune/Cumming Streets
  • Royal Edward parking lot
  • North End Kaministiqua Park
  • Alley 100 block of North May St. off Victoria Ave.
  • Machar Ave. alley near Wilson Park
  • 420 George Street
  • Dease St. (alley just off McKenzie St. (behind St. Luke's Church))
  • Corner of Brodie and Donald parking lot of St Andrews
  • Corner of Simpson and Ogden Norwest CHC parking lot


For Further Information

Call the Superior Points program: (807) 621-7862 or (807) 621-7861

or toll-free: 1-888-294-6630


Last Updated: 09/10/2019