Smoking & Tobacco

Automobile Maintenance, Smoking and Health Equity

Let’s talk about cars for a bit. Many of us rely pretty heavily on our car and it’s important to us that they stay in good working condition. We bring them in for regular maintenance, oil changes, rotate the tires… all that stuff to get as many years of good driving out of them that we can. Now imagine you brought your car to the garage for an oil change and they noticed something really wrong with it. Something that could severely compromise the car’s performance and take years off its life. You’d expect them to ask you if you wanted it fixed, right?

The Youth Vaping Epidemic – “Haven’t I seen this one before…?”

This past weekend I was scrolling through my Netflix list looking for something to keep my attention for a brief period. There’s a lot going on in my house and I never get a full 2 hours for something, so movies tend to be consumed in about half hour installments, usually while I’m working at something else. I made a selection and was about 10 minutes through the opening sequence when everything just started to feel really familiar.

The Smoking Endgame Part 2: The Long and Winding Road

Welcome back, fellow public health enthusiasts! Last time you heard from me, I told you about Canada’s deadly addiction to smoking and the “Endgame” goal: A national smoking rate of under 5% by 2035. What I didn’t tell you is what we have to do to get there. The good news is that it’s definitely possible and that when we do, it will save tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars a year. The bad news: At first, not everyone is going to like it.

Make All New Movies for Kids Smoke-Free

January 19, 2017 - In Ontario, 37% of youth tobacco use can be attributed to onscreen smoking.  Youth-rated movies delivered 7 billion tobacco impressions to Ontario theatre audiences between 2004 and 2013. According to multiple studies world-wide, the more smoking that youth see in movies, the more likely they are to smoke. Today, the Northwest Tobacco Control Area Network (NW TCAN,) in collaboration with the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies (OCSFM), launched a new tool to provide parents with strategies to protect their kids and make youth-rated movies smoke-free in Ontario.