2018 Highlights

Mental Health at Work

Collaborative Project Promotes Workplace Mental Wellness Initiatives

Promoting and supporting mental health and well-being in our community is one of 4 key pillars that came out of the TBDHU’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. This pillar was addressed head-on in 2018 with the culmination of the Superior Mental Wellness@Work project. Read More


Cultural Competency Prioritized

TBDHU has embarked on a journey to become a culturally safe organization. The plan was launched in February of 2018 and represented the first step toward building cultural safety. Staff cultural competency training is one aspect of a larger effort described in the TBDHU Strategic Plan. Read More.


Healthy Cities

Healthy Cities on Council Candidates' Radar

The 2018 municipal election was an opportunity to educate municipal candidates on the links between the built environment and health so that when decisions regarding development, engineering, and planning arise, council members would have the knowledge and resources to make evidence-informed decisions. Read More

Physical Literacy workshop

Breastfeeding Education & Physical Literacy Lead to Increased Capacity

Capacity building is an important component of TBDHU's work. In 2018, our physical literacy and breastfeeding education workshops helped train dozens of community members! Read More


Superior Points Team

Community Partnership Leads to Mutual Learning Opportunity

A partnership between TBDHU and Community Living Thunder Bay resulted in meaningful employment opportunity and positive learning experience for everyone involved. Read More

Dental check up

Community Collaboration Produces Greater Reach of Oral Health Services

A partnership between the Children’s Oral Health Program and Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) formed with the goal of encouraging families with eligible children to access the Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) Program for children birth to 17 years. Read More

TB Outbreak

Handling Tuberculosis Outbreak Tests Health Unit's Resolve

A community outbreak of Tuberculosis declared in March 2018 required TBDHU and partners to come up with solutions that would test the resolve of staff and the organization. Read More


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Last Updated: 15/07/2020