Additional Supports & Services

Telehealth Ontario 

To get telephone-based smoking cessation support and health care information and advice, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, call toll free at 1-866-797-0000 or toll-free TTY at 1-866-797-0007.


STOP on the Net

STOP on the Net is an online program that can help you quit smoking cigarettes. If you are 18 years or older and live in Ontario, you may be eligible to receive 10 weeks of free nicotine patches and gum/lozenge mailed directly to your door! To learn more about STOP on the Net and to get started, visit:


The STOP Program

The Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Program is a province-wide initiative delivering smoking cessation treatment (up to 26 weeks of NRT) and counselling support to people who want to reduce/quit their tobacco use. These supports are available free of charge, through partnerships with community health care organizations. Importantly, STOP has been able to reach and successfully be implemented within vulnerable communities that face barriers in accessing care. The STOP Program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Smokers’ Helpline

Online support, text messaging, and Quit and Win contests to motivate you. For more information visit Smokers' Helpline. To enroll for text supports, text iquit to 123456.

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Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Coverage for First Nation and Inuit People

NIHB clients are now eligible to receive up to three courses of smoking cessation therapies in a 12-month period. For more information visit NIHB.


Indigenous Tobacco Program

The Indigenous Tobacco Program works with Aboriginal communities to decrease and prevent the misuse of tobacco. For more information visit

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Government of Ontario Quit Support

It often takes many attempts – and some help – to succeed at anything. Quitting smoking is no different. Find support to help you quit.


Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program

Champix® and Zyban® will be covered for patients who are seniors (age 65+), in long-term care homes or those on social assistance (welfare or because of disability). Visit the Ontario Drug Benefit website to learn more.


Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program

Provides supportive counselling for ODB patients. It is not mandatory to be a part of this counselling program in order to access the ODB-funded smoking cessation medications. Visit the Ontario Drug Benefit website or call Service Ontario INFOline: 1-866-532-3161 to learn more. To find out which pharmacies offer this service, check the community listings on


Moving on to Being Free

Moving on to Being Free is a research study and cessation program held in hospitals and Family Health Team clinics.  Participants receive one-on-one counselling, a personalized quit plan, and follow-up support. To find out where this is offered, check the community listings on


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