COVID-19: Smoking and Vaping

If you smoke or vape, your lungs could be more susceptible to a respiratory illness, such as COVID-19. People who smoke or vape are more likely to have pre-existing conditions, a compromised immune system and poorer lung health. As a result, they are more susceptible to contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 and are more likely to experience a more severe case.

Remember that COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that spreads through saliva or droplets that are expelled into the air.  If you smoke or vape, remember to:

  • Maintain at least 2 metres of physical distance from others outside of your household.
  • Don’t share vapes or cigarettes.
  • Wash your hands often.


Now is a good time to quit. If you’d like to learn more about smoking or vaping, visit the Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco page.

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