Mental Wellness Resources for Workplace Leaders

As a workplace leader, it’s important to recognize how mental health and workplace environments impact each other. It makes good business sense to do what you can to protect and promote the psychological health of your workers. 

Follow the links below for information on various topics related to employee mental health and the mental health services that are available to help when needed.



Mental health crisis? Options for getting help.

For additional budget-friendly mental health support services available, visit our Mental Health Support page.


For Further Information

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Board 1 - Get Real Photovoice
Board #2 - Mental Health in the Workplace Myths and Facts
Board #2a - La sante mentale au travail mythes et faits
Board #3 - Promoting Good Mental Health
Board #4 - Keep Stress in Check
Board #5 - Work Life Balance
Board #6 - Stand Up to Mental Health Stigma
Board #7 - Is Substance Use Affecting Your Life?
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