Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP)

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in our society. We drink to socialize, celebrate, unwind and cope with stress, but a few drinks can often lead to a few too many. The occasional heavy use of alcohol is linked to problems such as injuries, physical and sexual violence, family problems, alcohol poisoning and impaired driving.

Research clearly links alcohol availability to alcohol-related harms and points to Municipal Alcohol Policies (MAPs) as important tools to prevent and minimize the harmful effects of alcohol use.

Fortunately, many municipalities have Municipal Alcohol Policies that set guidelines for how and where alcohol can be safely served on municipally-owned properties such as parks, arenas and halls. Municipalities play an important role in reducing negative consequences of alcohol use and promoting the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol.

Municipal Alcohol Policies: 

  • reduce risky drinking on local premises
  • decrease harms and injuries related to alcohol use
  • reduce underage drinking
  • effectively manage risk and liability
  • contribute to public order
  • shift social norms around drinking in the direction of moderation.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit works with municipal leaders in our district to develop or strengthen MAPs to improve the safety of drinking environments. MAPs should be reviewed on a regular basis to stay current with legislation and make improvements based on local evaluation and best practices.


For Further Information

To learn more about Municipal Alcohol Policy link to the resources listed below. You can call us at (807) 625-5900 and ask how we can support your municipal policy goals.

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