Healthy Choices While Eating Out

Most people like to go out for dinner from time to time. Below are some tips for when going to a restaurant or other places to eat that are adapted from the Guide to Eating Out from

  • Look for whole-grain products, such as whole wheat, rye or multi-grain breads, rolls, tortillas, bagels, pancakes, English muffins, hot and cold cereals, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, and barley.
  • Search for broth-based soups.
  • Look for meals that include vegetables, or ask for seasonal veggies as a side.
  • Ask for salad dressing on the side and use the amount right for your taste.
  • Try to find meat, fish, poultry, or alternatives prepared using low-fat cooking methods such as steaming, broiling, roasting, baking and barbecuing/grilling.
  • Ask for plain milk for children’s meals.
  • Look for lower-fat desserts such as fresh, canned or frozen fruit, milk pudding, sherbet, gelatin, angel food cake and low-fat frozen yogurt. 
  • Share a dessert with your companion.


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