Missed Vaccine Doses

We missed out on a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. This might include some vaccine doses. Now is the time to make sure everyone in your family is caught up and fully protected! This page will help you determine what vaccines you and your loved ones need and how to get them.


Vaccines Across the Lifespan

Ontario offers FREE vaccines across the lifespan. Learn more about the vaccines that are available to you and your family below.


Why it's Important to Report Vaccine Records


How to Report Vaccine Records

Visit Reporting and Obtaining Immunization Records for details on reporting or updating vaccine records.


COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines - Staying up to Date

Staying up to date means:

COVID-19 vaccines and flu vaccines are available through a variety of channels:


Getting Other Missed Vaccine Doses


Answering Questions about Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Call the Vaccine Preventable Disease program: (807) 625-5900 or Toll-Free 1 (888) 294-6630 and press 4.

Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and children?

  • Speak with your health care provider
  • Contact the Scarborough Health Network VaxFacts Clinic at shn.ca/vaxfacts or 416-438-2911, ext. 5738 to speak with a qualified physician
Last Updated: 08/09/2023