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One chess pawn in a box while others are outside
April 24, 2020 by
  • COVID-19
  • Mental Health
  • Diseases & Infections

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time thinking about COVID-19. I go to work and read the latest updates and try to find ways to get through my day in one piece. I also think a lot about what it’…

When in Doubt Don't Go Out
April 20, 2020 by Lynda Fraser
  • COVID-19
  • Diseases & Infections

In the insect world, a cocoon is a covering that protects the vulnerable creature inside. It seems we’re living in our own little cocoons right now as we hunker down at home trying to evade COVID-…

Physical Distancing
March 28, 2020 by Lynda Fraser
  • Diseases & Infections

We’re learning a lot these days, aren’t we? The current COVID-19 situation is expanding our collective vocabulary with all kinds of new terms that we may not have heard before, like “flattening…

Woman doing Namaste sign
March 10, 2020 by Lynda Fraser
  • Diseases & Infections

Is 2020 the year we ditch the handshake for a more germ-free greeting?

It’s what I was taught to do when you greet someone – you shake their hand, of course! After many…

Wiping eyeglasses
December 18, 2019 by
  • Mental Health

How does one begin to acknowledge our perceived mental wellness as the calendar year ends and the holiday celebrations quickly fill the month of December? This is a daunting task and so, as many…

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