Mouth Guards for Sports

Boy skateboarding Mouth injuries are common when playing sports; but there are ways you can prevent them. A mouth guard can protect you from mouth injuries and concussions by absorbing the impact. That’s why it’s important to wear a mouth guard if you’re playing any sports.

How can I protect my teeth with a mouth guard?

Many types of mouth guards are available. Your dental provider can fit you for a mouth guard and make recommendations about which type is best for you. Lower-cost mouth guards are also available at most pharmacies.

Wear your mouth guard anytime you are playing a sport that could cause injuries to your mouth or head.

A good mouth guard is:

  • comfortable and fits properly
  • allows for normal breathing and swallowing 
  • odourless and tasteless
  • the correct thickness in order to provide good protection against impact
  • cleaned and rinsed after each use
  • checked regularly to ensure it has no tears or signs of wear


For Further Information

Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association: Mouth guard Factsheet (PDF)

Contact the Children’s Oral Health program at (807) 625-5984

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Last Updated: 03/09/2019