Infection Prevention and Control: Hub

As part of the province’s comprehensive plan Keeping Ontarians Safe: Preparing for Future Waves of COVID-19, local networks of IPAC expertise (IPAC Hubs) were developed across the province to enhance IPAC practices in community based, congregate living settings. Ontario Health has identified organizations including hospitals, public health units and others from across the province to lead local IPAC Hubs. These organizations will work with partners from across the local health system who have IPAC expertise to ensure that this specialized guidance and support is available to congregate living settings through a one-window model.

IPAC Hub and Spoke Model


Who We Serve

The TBDHU IPAC Hub has been created to support and enhance IPAC practices in community based, congregate living organizations/settings within the City and District of Thunder Bay. These organizations/settings include:

  • Long-term care homes funded by the Ministry of Long-Term Care
  • Retirement homes
  • Residential settings funded by the Ministry of Health ·Residential setting funded by the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA)
  • Supportive housing and Shelters funded by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH)
  • Youth residential settings funded by the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services (MCCSS)

Through these new province-wide networks, you will be able to access IPAC expertise, collaborative assistance and just-in-time advice, guidance, and direct support on IPAC practices.


Services Provided

IPAC Hubs will work in coordination with Hub partners (including local hospitals, public health units, Public Health Ontario and others) to deliver the following services based on local needs and priorities, including but not limited to the following:

  • IPAC Education and Training
  • Supportive visits and consults to assist settings in outbreak preparedness
  • Provide best practice recommendations to strengthen and enhance current IPAC practices and policies and procedures
  • Provide implementation support
  • Facilitate a Community of Practice (CoP)

The TBDHU IPAC Hub CoP has been developed to provide a platform to connect those working within congregate living settings an opportunity to share IPAC information, generate new IPAC knowledge and network with other professionals in similar congregate living settings.  Increasing IPAC knowledge will empower individuals to strengthen and enhance IPAC practices within their own organizations/settings with prevention as the ultimate goal. 


Contact our Team

The TBDHU IPAC Hub consists of three team members: a coordinator, public health inspector and public health nurse dedicated to improving IPAC preparedness within congregate living settings with a prevention goal.  

  • IPAC Hub Coordinator:  Anita Allam
  • IPAC Hub Public Health Inspector: Amanda Elder
  • IPAC Hub Public Health Nurse: Courtney Garbet

A referral pathway has been established to ensure identified IPAC support needs can be forwarded to our IPAC Hub team. 

To submit an IPAC Hub referral to our team:

  1. Email our IPAC Hub team at
  2. This referral will go to the IPAC Hub Coordinator who will assess the request
  3. Please ensure the following information is included with every referral:
    1. Name of organization
    2. Contact of the requesting organization
      1. Name and position, phone number and email
    3. Need identified and support requested
    4. Urgency of response
    5. Any other details
Last Updated: 14/09/2022