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IPAC Champion Training Modules

There are 5 recorded presentations that have been designed for our CLS IPAC Champions. They are meant to be completed in the order presented for individuals new to IPAC but they can also be used as needed to refresh knowledge on a specific IPAC topic. Each module is thirty minutes to one hour in length and can be paused/started/stopped at any time, in order to work at your own pace. Any documents or resources referred to in the modules have QR codes but can also be found on this page below under “Resources”.

Module 1: What are IPAC Champions?

What is an IPAC Champion, and what are their roles and responsibilities? Join us in our first module to understand what an IPAC champion is, why the role is important within your congregate setting, and how you can succeed as an IPAC Champion.

Module 2: Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene education is key to reduce transmission of infectious agents.  Topics that will be reviewed include hand hygiene concepts, what a hand hygiene program is and how you can create or adapt one within your facility, and how to audit/observe moments of hand hygiene.

Module 3: Personal Risk Assessments

It is key to understand the modes of transmission for infectious agents and how this relates to routine and additional precautions within our congregate settings. We will review the modes of transmission and how this supports our choices for personal protective equipment (PPE). We will review some the decision tools available to support congregate staff in performing risk assessments.

Module 4: Implementing PPE

Observing fellow staff putting on and taking off their PPE and being able to provide education and corrective action can be one of the many roles of an IPAC Champion. Through this module we will provide you with steps to gain confidence to perform these audits and review the ready-to-use tools available to make it easy and efficient for you.

Module 5: Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting

This module will help you differentiate between cleaning and disinfecting and the products used. Upon completion of this module you will feel confident in disinfection properties, chemical application and cleaning requirements to keep everyone safe within our congregate settings.





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