Clean Hands and Covering Coughs

Keeping hands clean (hand hygiene) and covering coughs and sneezes (respiratory etiquette) can prevent the spread of infections.

Wash Your Hands Regularly – 15 to 20 seconds with soap and water after going to the bathroom, before eating, sneezing or coughing into our hands

Use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer – If soap and water is not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60-90% alcohol content. Note that hand sanitizer will not work effectively for visibly dirty hands (for example, muddy or covered with food).

Sneeze and Cough in the Crook of Your Elbow – Prevent germs from spreading through the air and onto your, the two places where they are most easily spread to others.




For Further Information

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Last Updated: 03/03/2023