Hepatitis C

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day 2019

World Hepatitis Day is globally recognized every July 28. Local service and health providers are working together to offer the following schedule of events in Thunder Bay:

  • Monday, July 22 - Hep C Ask Me Anything (AMA) virtual question and answer event. Participate on reddit.com/r/iama and look for hepnettbay. AMA will be monitored from 12:00 pm—4:00 pm The short film Blood2Blood will also be released on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abzNKD84mA8
  • Tuesday, July 23 – FREE Info fair and Hep C testing, Victoriaville Mall from 11:00am—2:00pm
  • Wednesday, July 24 – FREE BBQ, Hep C testing and info, LiverCare Northwest (103-1040 Oliver Rd) from 11:00am— 2:00pm
  • Thursday, July 25 – FREE BBQ, Hep C testing and info, Elevate NOW (106 Cumberland St. N.) 12:00pm—2:00pm



Hepatitis C (Hep C) affects the liver. Someone can have Hep C and not know it. People can live with Hep C without feeling sick for many years before they have any symptoms. Symptoms often only occur when the damage to the liver becomes severe.

Hep C is passed from person to person through blood-to-blood contact. The only way to know you have Hep C is by taking a blood test. There is no vaccine to protect against Hep C, but treatments are available. Although the body can sometimes clear the virus on its own without treatment, most people will need treatment. New treatments work well and are easier to take with fewer side effects.












For Further Information

Call the Infectious Disease Program: (807) 625-5900

or toll-free: 1-888-294-6630


Last Updated: 22/07/2019