Outbreak Modules

The following modules are an introduction to managing an outbreak within your congregate facility.  They are intended to provide you information, resources and guidance to navigate your facility through an outbreak, whether it be enteric, respiratory or COVID-19.

These modules are designed for any facility staff member that is associated with an outbreak.  Please read the descriptions to ensure the module is appropriate for your facility (Long-term Home vs. Group Homes).  The modules are designed for you to be able to work at your own pace.


Long-Term Care Home, Retirement Home or Acute Care Outbreak Module Part 1:

This module will look at the Outbreak Management process, who is involved and why, specimen/samples and outbreak numbers.  It will then take you into IPAC control measures that are applied to all outbreaks and some lessons learned/adapted through past outbreak experiences.


Long-Term Care Home, Retirement Home or Acute Care Outbreak Module Part 2:

This module will take the information we learned from the first module and apply it specifically to Enteric Outbreaks and secondly to Respiratory Outbreaks, including COVID-19.


Congregate Living Facilities Respiratory Module

This module is for facilities that are not Long-term care, retirement homes or acute care facilities. Facilities that should utilize this module include but is not limited to: shelters, treatment facilities, group homes, transitional homes and group lodging.

This module will guide you through increases in respiratory illness or outbreaks within your facility. If your facility will be declaring outbreaks it may be beneficial to watch Module 1 for Long-term Care Homes, Retirement Homes and Acute Care Facilities to understand the process.

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