IPAC Back to Basics Recorded Series

IPAC Back to Basics Modules

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) continues to be at the forefront of wellness and safety within our Congregate Living Settings. In order to keep staff and volunteers educated and up-to-date with IPAC practices, these short recorded educational videos discuss and demonstrate important concepts that are utilized daily within our settings. You are able to watch and listen when it is convenient for you and can also pause and return to these videos at any time. Feel free to utilize all 4 videos in the order we have provided, or only utilize the ones applicable to you. If you have any questions about the content or accessing the modules, please do not hesitate to contact one the IPAC Hub Team members at IPAChub@tbhdu.com.

Module 1: Back to Basics: IPAC Concepts


Module 2: Back to Basics: PPE – Donning & Doffing

Module 3: Back to Basics: Point-of-Care Risk Assessments - PCRA’s

Module 4: Back to Basics: Environmental Cleaning

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