COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Individuals

Covid-19 vaccinations: To book a COVID-19 immunization appointment, for either a first or second dose, visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments page.

Second Doses: For information on second doses, including eligibility for accelerated second doses, visit the COVID-19 Information on Vaccine Second Doses page.


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The Ministry of Health's What to expect when you get a COVID-19 vaccine website also has a lot of helpful information, including what you need to know before, during and after a COVID-19 vaccination.



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Vaccine Information for Individuals

*Disclaimer* The terms breast milk/breastfeed/breastfeeding are also known as chest milk/chestfeed/chestfeeding respectively and can be used interchangeably. Though the term mother is mostly used, it is meant to be inclusive of parents, caregivers, and significant others.


While waiting to be vaccinated, protect yourself from COVID-19 by following all infection prevention and control measures, especially staying home when ill and avoiding close contact with others.

Last Updated: 21/07/2021